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Make a Figure 4 Deadfall Trap Hunteddown848 posted a great design for making an improved deadfall trap.  These traps are simple and effective when properly constructed.  Only use these in a survival situation, though  (don’t just kill squirrels).

Awesome Blackened Cajun Fish

Here is an easy way to cook fish when you are camping.  It is my family’s favorite. First melt a half stick of butter and mix with a tablespoon or so of the Cajun seasoning (below).  Pat the fish dry…

A Great Bunk Bed for Camping

Here is an update on the Cam-O-Cot bunk beds:  We bought three of them from Cabela’s.  They fit perfectly in our new Eureka Copper Canyon 1512.  They are heavy duty, and SO comfortable.  There is no bar underneath you, and…

Campfire Bacon and Eggs

The Professor demonstrates frying bacon and eggs using coals from the campfire and the small cast iron skillet from his Common Man’s Cook Kit inspired by David Wendell of BushcraftOnFire.