Tent Camping Checklist

Here is our family’s checklist for tent camping.  I thought it might be helpful for someone just starting out.  We use this list for weekend tent camping at sites with electricity and water available.  I like to keep the list broken down into logical groups to make it a little more manageable.






Tent Screen Room Towels Laundry Soap
Groundcloth Chairs Soap Clothes (layers)
Cots Lanterns Shampoo Rain Gear
Sleeping Bags Flashlights Toothbrush PJ’s
Pillows Toothpaste Coats
Extension Cord Hairbrush Hat
Heater Deoderant
Doormat Razor
Broom Fem Prod
Blanket Meds
Lamp Chapstick
LED Bulbs Kleenex
Fan First Aid Kit
Toilet Paper



Elect. Skillet Trash bags
Spatula Pam
Can opener Salt & Pep
Spoon Tongs
Knife Skewers
Paper Towels Mixing bowl
Lighter Scrubber
Dish soap Pie Irons
Cooler Skillet
Camp Stove Coffee, cream and sugar
Propane Plates
Dutch oven Bowls
Meas. Cup Cutlery
Foil Cup
Small Baggies Napkins
Chip Clip






Camera Reservations Leash Hammer
Books Tire Press Bed Rope
Sunscreen Gas Dog Food Screwdriver
Bugspray Oil Car Water Pliers
Leash Mail/Paper Bowls Wirecutters
Football Trash out Saw
Tennis Bungees
Fishing tackle Duct Tape

We keep the first-aid kit in a soft-side tackle box similar to this one: Plano Softsider Tackle Bag.

1st Aid

Bandages Flashlight
Butterfly Closures Tape (Bandage)
Betadine Q-Tips
Foaming Cleaner Marker
Tweezers – High Quality Pencil
Otoscope Paper
Needles Maalox
Alcohol Zanfel
Gauze Tick Remover
Batteries Lighter
Thermometer Soap
Advil Neosporin
Imodium AD Hydrocortisone
Pepto-Bismol Scrips/Meds
Sudafed Scissors
Benadryl Cash
Razor Blade Second Skin Burn Pads
Mole Skin Eye Glasses Screwdriver
Chem. Ice Pack Nail Clippers

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