Author: Rob

Easy Skateboard Rack

Skateboard Rack

Here’s a pretty neat idea I stumbled upon when trying to organize the kid’s skateboards. I happened to have some leftover shelf brackets and some pipe insulation. The stars aligned when I saw how easily the brackets nested together. The…

The Flying Wedge


Build the Pinewood Derby® Legend: The Flying Wedge   The instructions given on this webpage are intended to convey general information about building the car.  Guards have been removed from equipment in many illustrations for clarity.   Always read and follow…

Project: Heat Treat a Piece of Metal


You might have heard about some metal being heat treated.  This means the way they behave has been changed by how they were heated and cooled.  Heat treating steel is done by heating it up and cooling it down at…

Folding Kayak Plans

Boy Scouts Folding Kayak

Here is a great project that can be done in a single weekend (but will probably take two).  It will cost way less than buying one, and the cost per kayak goes down if you make two at once.