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One of the very best organizations to help you raise successful boys is the Boys Scouts of America (BSA).

The Flying Wedge


Build the Pinewood Derby® Legend: The Flying Wedge   The instructions given on this webpage are intended to convey general information about building the car.  Guards have been removed from equipment in many illustrations for clarity.   Always read and follow…

All the Pinewood Derby Secrets in One Video

Pinewood Derby Secrets Video Mark Rober has put together a great video on what is really important when building a Pinewood Derby car.  As with any PWD modification, be sure they are legal for the rules your pack or district uses.  For instance,…

Boys’ Life – July 1913 Edition

Check out this issue of Boys’ Life from 1913.   All I can say is “wow.” Boys used to actually read.  There are articles on shooting on swimming, shooting an air rifle, trek cart camping and more. But the best thing…

Campfire Bacon and Eggs

The Professor demonstrates frying bacon and eggs using coals from the campfire and the small cast iron skillet from his Common Man’s Cook Kit inspired by David Wendell of BushcraftOnFire.