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One of the very best organizations to help you raise successful boys is the Boys Scouts of America (BSA).

Campfire Bacon and Eggs

The Professor demonstrates frying bacon and eggs using coals from the campfire and the small cast iron skillet from his Common Man’s Cook Kit inspired by David Wendell of BushcraftOnFire.

How Fast Can You Set Up a Tent? See a video of a one-legged man setting this tent up in less than a minute. I would love to see a whole scout troop or pack setting up a line of tents in seconds.  Never hassle with setting…

How to Tie a Striped Crown Stennet

The Striped Crown Sinnet is the flipside of the Corkscrew Crown Sinnet. Although visually very different, the Stripped Crown Sinnet is merely the alternating form of the Corkscrew Crown Sinnet, as the following video shows. Video production by JD of…