How Fast Can You Set Up a Tent?

See a video of a one-legged man setting this tent up in less than a minute. I would love to see a whole scout troop or pack setting up a line of tents in seconds.  Never hassle with setting up a tent in the dark, rain, wind or snow again! It is not even a gimmick tent.  Check out the Amazon reviews.  It is a real tent for real campers.

Anybody can set this tent up in under one minute. Leaving for a camping trip after work on Friday? Setting up camp in the dark is no longer an issue! Show up to your destination and its raining outside? Don’t worry about it at all, you will have a safe and reliable shelter for you or your family ready in a moments time!  We have never seen a tent like this has never been seen on the market before. Spend your time camping, not setting up camp!

Wind Ridge Instant Tent

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