A Great Bunk Bed for Camping

Here is an update on the Cam-O-Cot bunk beds:  We bought three of them from Cabela’s.  They fit perfectly in our new Eureka Copper Canyon 1512.  They are heavy duty, and SO comfortable.  There is no bar underneath you, and there is plenty of room on either bunk.  If you consider how much air mattresses cost, and how much space they take up, and their disposable nature, the Cam-O-Cot starts to look pretty good. The boys (ages 11 to 15) can put their own bunks together without much difficulty at all.  There is plenty of room to store gear beneath the beds, so the tent floor stays almost completely open.

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2Brothersadventures give you a look at a very cool bunk bed for camping and outdoor sleeping. This is a quick setup cot system that easily turns into a bunk bed setup for sleeping two in the space of one.

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