Earlier Bedtimes Help Prevent Teen Depression and Suicide

A recent study published in the January issue of the Journal SLEEP reports that earlier bedtimes may prevent depression and suicidal tendencies in teens.  The researchers found that adolescents need about 9 hours of sleep daily.  Parents play a crucial role in their ensuring that their kids get enough sleep.  The article reports that nearly 70% of teens said they went to bed at the time set by their parents.

James E. Gangwisch, PhD; Lindsay A. Babiss, BA; Dolores Malaspina, MD; J. Blake Turner, PhD; Gary K. Zammit, PhD; Kelly Posner, PhD Parental Bedtimes and Adolescent Depression: Earlier Parental Set Bedtimes as a Protective Factor Against Depression and Suicidal Ideation. SLEEP Volume 33 / Issue 01 / Friday, January 01, 2010 (link)

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