Camping Dishwasher

When we camp, we try not to burn through a lot of paper plate and cups.   For most breakfast and dinner meals we use permanent dishes and cups.  Since we already have to wash pots and pans, it is really not a lot of extra effort to wash the tableware as well.  I have found our tableware all fits neatly inside our pressure canner.  The canner has a locking lid that is handy for storage, and is big enough to double as a fine sink.  Since it is metal, we can heat the soapy water directly on the Coleman stove.

The pressure canner holds our service for six as well as serving plates and silverware (I wrap the silverware in a dish towel)

When dinner is done, everybody scrapes their dishes in the trash and puts them in the hot, soapy water.   Since the food doesn’t have time to dry, it comes right off.

I have to admit having a big three-burner Coleman stove with a 20# propane tank helps this process work really well…



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