How to Pack Spices for Camping

I had been looking for a new way to store spices when camping. I was using small plastic bottles, but they take up too much space.   I thought about using a “day of the week” pill box.  This would allow me to store and  access each spice separately.  When I was at the pharmacy, I saw something I liked even better, pill pouches.  I can store up to about 2 tablespoons of each spice or dry ingredient and have almost no wasted space.  As the ingredients get used up, they get smaller and smaller.  I use Ezy-Dose brand, and each bag holds a little more than 2 tablespoons.   Another advantage is that I can pre-measure ingredients and package them together in a larger zipper bag.

The Reclosable Disposable Moisture Resistant Pill Bag, Pack of 100

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