French Language Resources

I really believe it is in a boy’s best interest to learn to speak more than one language. Here are some links to some of my favorite websites with free language resources.


Ma France – Improve or brush up your basic French with the help of Stéphane Cornicard and 24 interactive video units. The films were shot around Lyons, the Alps and in Provence.

Usborne Books

Has a website that accompanies their Picture Dictionary in French.  The companion website is free.  It features audio clips of 1000 elementary words and phrases.

Daily French Pod

While the site is not completely free, much of the content is available without charge (link).

If you are homeschooling or have a son that is especially motivated, he can get high school and college level lectures for free at  Registration is required, but it is free (and they won’t spam you).  French in Action is a video instructional series in French for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs, audiocassettes, coordinated books, and Web site. is really a more informal way of acquiring French.  It is a website for with games for young kids.

Lexique FLE

This one is actually pretty good, and as far as I can tell, it is completely free.

This website is dedicated to people who study or learn French online. You will learn vocabulary through click and play activities. Each word you will click on will allow you to listen to it and therefore improve your pronunciation. When you have memorised the words, you can check your knowledge with an exercise based on the same topic.
If you wish so, you may download the activity you want to practice offline. Please select the computer type you use. Our activities are free for a NON commercial use.

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