Robotic Snake Climbs a Tree

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s Biorobotics Lab have designed and built a robotic snake that can crawl, roll, wind and even climb like a real snake.  Watching the video, it is hard to believe that the robot is not alive.

Pinewood Derby® Engineering Data

1) BSA® Style Wheel Modifications: bsa_wheel1.pdf 2) BSA® Style Axle Modifications: bsa_axle1.pdf 3) BSA® Style Standard Block Dimensions and Mass Properties: bsa_block.pdf 4) BSA® Style Unmodified Car Dimensions and Mass Properties: bsa_assembly1.pdf, template3.pdf 5) Tungsten Car Weight drawing (tungsten.pdf) 6)…

Pinewood Derby® Speed Tips

First of all, I would like to say that bandsaws are very efficient finger removing machines.  NEVER ALLOW A CHILD TO OPERATE A BANDSAW! That said, I have made lots of these cars, and have learned a little bit about…