Pinewood Derby Links

  • Of course, the best site is the page (HERE).
    We offer free plans, engineering data, and tips.

But we aren’t the only place to go. Here are some others:

  • Build a Fast Pinewood Derby Car – Step-by-step process to build a car, complete with photos.
  • Cory’s Pinewood Derby Site – A pinewood derby site with tips, time trials, and a selection of humor.
  • Derby Talk – A forum for discussing the various aspects of building, racing, and staging pinewood derby-style races.
  • Derby Worx Forum – A forum for discussing pinewood derby-style racing, with a specific focus on adult competition.
  • Grand Prix Racing – On-line ‘how-to’ and ‘why’ manuals for building fast pinewood derby cars. The ‘why’ manuals detail the physics and mathematical models of gravity-powered racing.
  • GrandPrix Race Central – A general information site, focusing on pinewood derby race management. The site offers software, plans for an electronic finish line, and weigh scale information.
  • The Ol’ Buffalo Pine Car Page – Tips for building a pinewood derby car, a race manager checklist, and links to related sites.
  • PDDR Pinewood Derby Forum – Home – Discussion forum for PDDR racing, and general derby topics.
  • Pinewood Derby Car Building Tips – Includes tool tips, correcting modelling mistakes, and contains a buyer’s guide, speed tips and reviewed links.
  • Pinewood Derby SuperSite – Informational site, focused on the San Diego 500 race. Includes track plans, tips, etc.
  • Pinewood Derby Webring – A collection of linked sites about racing, car design and construction, competition formats and rules, and photographs.
  • Pope’s Pinewood Pages Portal – A collection of pinewood derby building tips and race management guidelines.
  • Shape N Race Derby – Information, advice, and resources for pinewood derby participants, parents, and planners. Includes photos of unusual cars, track plans, and sorted/reviewed links.

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