Camping’s Top Secrets (book)

Camping’s Top Secrets goes beyond the scope of traditional camping books, revealing hundreds of field-tested tips to enhance your next outdoor adventure. With clear descriptions organized alphabetically for quick reference, this guide by veteran camping consultant Cliff Jacobson divulges the best-kept secrets of the experts.
  • Get insider tips on:forecasting the weather
  • rigging a canoe or boat
  • treating drinking water
  • using tents and other types of shelters
  • dealing with animal and insect encounters
  • cooking and cookware
  • treating common ailments
  • using maps and GPS units
  • camping with kids
  • choosing camping clothes, boots, sleeping bags, and gear and much more!

Camping's Top Secrets, 3rd: A Lexicon of Camping Tips Only the Experts Know (Falcon Guides Camping)

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