Learner.org is one of my all-time favorite websites.   From Annenberg Media, Learner.org features hundreds of hours of superb educational videos for all ages (including college and adult) and interactives (without ads!).  Videos are available for streaming after (free) registration.

For example, a high school boy interested in math might like :  the Mathematics Illuminated .

Below is a list of the colllege-level video courses…

The Africans (non-broadcast use only)
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics
American Cinema
American Passages
Art of the Western World
Biography of America
Bridging World History
College Algebra
Connect With English
The Constitution: That Delicate Balance
Death: A Personal Understanding
Democracy in America
Destinos I
Destinos II
Discovering Psychology
Earth Revealed
Economics U$A
Ethics in America
Ethics in America II
Exploring the World of Music
Fokus Deutsch
French in Action I
French in Action II
Growing Old in a New Age
The Habitable Planet
Human Geography
Inside the Global Economy
The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice
Literary Visions
Mathematics Illuminated
The Mechanical Universe
The Mechanical Universe and Beyond
News Writing
Out of the Past
Planet Earth
Power of Place: Geography for the 21st Century
Rediscovering Biology
Rural Communities
Seasons of Life
Unseen Life on Earth
Voices & Visions
The Western Tradition I
The Western Tradition II
The Whole Child
The World of Abnormal Psychology
A World of Art
The World of Chemistry

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