Waboba Ball – Flies across the Water

Waboba… sorta strangely named and even more strangely, this ball bounces on water. This brilliant invention is what larking about in water was invented for. Forget lobbing frisbee at each other in the pool or at the beach, this hackey-sack sized little monster bounces off the water like you wouldn’t believe. Keep your eye on the ball as it skips across water, blink and you’ll miss it. Watch as it hits a wave and rifles high into the stratosphere. You’ll need determination and quick reactions to dive and catch this sucker. There’s even a brilliant Waboba team game to play with your mates. Yes, it’s deviously designed and made with polyurethane and has a Lycra coating. The mix of different polyurethanes makes the ball bounce and float on water! The ball is made to endure some pretty rough handling.

Waboba Extreme Water Bouncing Ball

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