400 Years of the Telescope DVD, Book, & Free CD!

A PBS documentary following the history of the telescope from the days of Copernicus to recent findings from the Hubble Telescope; 400 Years of the Telescope opens in 17th century Florence, Italy, with Galileo training his spyglass on the heavens and discovering that Jupiter has four moons; Venus has phases like the Moon; and most shocking of all: the Earth is not the center of the universe. Buy the DVD with the companion book and CD and save!

Features Softcover book, 122 pages Tracks: 1. Introduction 2. Skywatchers 3. Telescopic Origins 4. Copernican Geometry 5. Galileo’s Observations 6. Religious Beliefs 7. Room of Solitude 8. The Great Refractors 9. Starlight & Red Shift 10. New Designs 11. The Hubble Space Telescope 12. Deep Field 13. Dark Energy 14. Could we be Wrong? 15. Telescope Dreams 16. The Search for Life 17. IYA Logo

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