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Build a Toilet Paper Gun

Toilet Paper Gun

Here is a super-easy project that is sure to be a hit. You probably have everything you need out in the garage already. Just use duct tape to attach a paint roller to your leaf blower of choice. Install the…

Watermelon Smoothie Hack

watermelon smoothie hack

Found this one on Mark Rober’s awesome (but PG-13) Youtube channel. The kids are going to really think this is awesome. Chill a watermelon and make a smoothie with just a power drill and a coat hanger.  Trust me, this…

Inexpensive Indoor Treehouse


This YouTuber (GNDxdro) built a great indoor treehouse for his girls.  It looks completely reasonable budget-wise and it makes better use of the floor space.  The top of the dresser becomes part of the bed frame.  The treehouse includes a…