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Daily Foxtrot is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Amend’s “Foxtrot” to the website.  I have been a fan of Bill’s strip for years, and am glad to host such a great feature.  Check it out every day:

Cub and Boy Scouts

One of the very best organizations to help you raise successful boys is the Boys Scouts of America (BSA).  I am a third generation scout, and all four of my boys have been in the scouts.  Not only has the…

Walk to School

We live a little too far to actually walk to school, but sometimes we go early and walk around the lake on the way to school.   Or we drive to another park that is close to the school and walk…

Kia Kima Scout Reservation

This is our annual trek to Kia Kima scout reservation.  I think this is their favorite part of being in scouts. Activities included knot-tying, hiking, fishing, swimming, rock climbing, BB guns, archery, ticks, snakes, and spiders (oh, and COLD showers).

The Zip Line

When I was a kid my cousin’s house was a renovated ice cream factory.  His room was huge, and he had a zip line in it.  I always wanted one in my backyard, so when my kids were old enough,…